Beth Prochaska

Potter Lawson, Inc.

After joining Potter Lawson as a receptionist 37 years ago, Beth has worked her way through the firm, working in each department, before becoming the first female stockholder at Potter Lawson, while also being a non-technical architectural professional.  Potter Lawson is arguably Madison’s most iconic and influential architecture firm and her passion, dedication and motivation resulted in her paving the way for women being leaders in the architecture industry.

As testament to Beth’s dedication to improving those around her she has been influential in leading two local groups focused on building community.  Beth leads a local four chamber CEO roundtable group of 10 CEO’s that gather monthly to discuss upper level management challenges and to support each other with the strenuous task of being a business owner in today’s fast-paced world.

Beth was also recently approached to serve on an advisory board for Fish & Associates, a local consultant in the construction engineering and construction industry.  As the first external Board of Director member, Fish & Associates sought Beth’s input for her extensive experience in the industry, experience with leadership transitions, reputation for leadership and innovative thinking, and dedication to supporting local businesses!

Continuing her regional barrier busting for women, Beth was proudly selected as President of The Madison Club in 2004.  Being a woman in the Presidency role of such a male dominated organization further speaks to her influencing change and progression of women in not only her industry, but the community as a whole.

Beth also chairs The Madison Club’s Executive Roundtable group for the last fifteen years.  This is a group of members /guests who are leaders in their fields.  This group meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to our Community and region.  The meeting provides a forum to listen to opinions from various aspects of the discussion and the opportunity to learn from each other while bringing views of varying industries together in one common platform.