Heather Ewing

WHITE BOX Commercial Property Group

People seem to take a straight path or a winding road in life; I am the latter.

Graduating with two business degrees from UW-Oshkosh (Operations Management and Human Resources), I excelled in Operations Manufacturing for 11 years.  Appreciating quality, I worked for first-in-class businesses such as American Girl, Electronic Theatre Controls and Fiskars.  From Production Capacity Planning to Buyer promoted to Senior Buyer, I selected vendors domestically and internationally, negotiated raw and finished materials, tooling and concurrently worked with R&D to Forecast Production, determining overseas buys for Back to School and various seasonal launches.

I lovingly joke that I went through my mid-life crisis early in my 30’s.  After coming back from a life-altering car accident, I explored life and careers.  I obtained my personal fitness and group fitness certifications and taught/coached clients, owned an art studio and taught painting classes, exhibited through UW-Health, the Parade of Homes, the grand opening of Heritage Credit Union, etc.  I still commission oil paintings through residential and commercial clients such as Stone House’s The Lyric, First Weber and others.  Working as a success coach, I helped people know their truth and align their life accordingly.

The final pieces of the puzzle came together when I entered commercial real estate.  Little did I know all of my prior experiences would fit together in such a unique manner.  As a retail broker, I shop for retailers that will be an amenity to a property, to Madison and the surrounding communities.  Understanding developers, owners and tenants allows me to bridge their needs through successful negotiations.  Beyond great architectural sites, I beautify peoples’ lives as they have new restaurants to dine at, new fitness boutiques to exercise in, new stores to experience and beyond.  Taking it a step further, you will find me speaking on behalf of clients at Plan Commission meetings to educating entrepreneurs about leasing and negotiating commercial space through entities such as WWBIC, American Family’s DreamBank and others.

Living Fully is my life’s motto; I weave it into all that I do from career to my personal life.  As an avid runner, I race six half-marathons each year spring through fall.  My dedication continues to pay off as I typically place in the top three for my age group.  Prior to racing, I won national competitions in martial arts forms and sparring in consecutive years.  I believe exercise is the gateway to greatness. Last but not least, I fueled by time with family and loved ones including my Persian rescue, Ms. Cleo.